and school administrators alike opened up about thoughts, opinions and experiences connected to UNC. That coupled with a photogenic campus and theater savvy students made this project, shall we say, erudite?

I worked with Jesse Levine and Reel Motion Media on an eight-minute documentary style video for the University of Northern Colorado. I was very impressed with the professionalism, kindness, creativity and talent that Reel Motion Media demonstrated. Jesse and his team took an idea and vision that we had, turned it around and made a video with a compelling story to share to our future students and parents. They went the extra mile every day they spent on site at UNC and delivered a project beyond our expectations. August 20, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert

Jaqueline Auker
Marketing and Community Relations Manager


  • The Seers – Live in Oldtown Fort Collins
  • South Diamond – October Blower
  • Mosey West – Live at Hodi’s Halfnote


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