We all know that we are influenced in many, many ways — many of which we remain blissfully unaware of. Could typefaces be one of them? Could the mere selection of a typeface influence us to believe one thing rather than another? Could typefaces work some unseen magic? Or malefaction?

The New York Times released this fascinating article (Part 1 / Part 2) describing the psychological effects of fonts.  If you haven’t been in graphic design, video production or web development, it may be something you’ve never considered before.  While it’s a lengthy read, it really is fascinating.  Personally, as a Fort Collins web designer, choosing an adequate font can be quite the daunting task.  I’ll oversimplify this article for the sake of brevity, but it isn’t just what looks nice – fonts impart feelings and/or emotional responses to those that view them.  In turn, this can subtly influence your decision to trust a source or buy a product.  In the end it is suggested that there is up to a 2% advantage either in more clicks or more clicks leading to sales by choosing an effective font.  Pretty amazing.  If you found this interesting, check out this film that came out a few years back.