Ever been to a bar with a chicken wire cage for a stage? Mosey West would probably  fit in there just fine. Their version of rollicking, distorted guitar driven country-rock is built for bottle smashing, chair tossing and sweat drenched dancing in a smoke filled barn. Think Road House, without all the fighting (they’ve got a psychedelic element more apt to cause twirl dancing than bar fights).  We think they’re one of the best local bands and they recently just rocked out Hodi’s Halfnote for our viewing pleasure, so we snapped a few photos for fun. They’re playing is heartfelt and soul driven and most of the time quite simple. They stick to  classic structures and melodies but bring in smooth harmonies and a rocking pedal steel guitar to help round out, what is for the most part, an ultra-clean sound. If you  get the chance, we’d recommend you enjoy them at a bar near you. Check out their website for more info and tour stops: