This is probably one of the more epic music videos I have seen in a long time. Specifically the stop motion animation. From a video production standpoint it’s pretty unreal. I had to watch it a least 5 times before I could wrap my head around how they pulled off some of the shots. From a video editing standpoint, they certainly conveyed a whole range of emotions through visuals and did a great job at that.

Dream Music: Part II is a musical voyage into the depths of the subconscious. This lyrical narrative reflects on the perception of time within dreams and waking life. Filmed on location in 2 states over the course of 6 months, we explored our new production technique of what we call ‘lyric-lapsing’, to achieve the surrealistic feeling of movement. We built upon the foundation of Part 1 with ambitious ideas that usually took around 6-8 hours of work for 3-4 seconds of footage. Our goal was to pioneer a new film genre by telling a story through art and music. Part 2 was made to transport the viewer from their own reality into a world of dreams and at the end, they awake to wonder how we were able to take them there. Each scene was born from the symbolic meaning of the lyrics and overall message of the film; Time is the illusion within the dream of life.