Everyone is a reporter


An unfortunate reminder of several things: One, America is divided by political ideologies and we’re worse off because of it. Two, misinformation is the deadliest tool in today’s political arsenal. Just look at how many people are convinced that Obama is a terrorist. Three, people with video cameras are everywhere and it’s pretty easy to upload to YouTube. Although it was pretty obvious the presence of cameras didn’t have an effect on these people.

Tonight is the last presidential debate before the election. Be sure to tune in and stay informed about what is happening in our country. Our futures depend on it.

My Opponent Believes that all Babies Should be Punched in the Face


Did my negative headline make you more or less likely to read this post?
As you have no doubt seen, the political season is a scene of negativity (no relation to the nativity scene.) Of course, the Original Maverick has turned it up a notch:

But now, with less than a month to go and McCain losing ground in opinion polls nationally and in some of the critical battleground states in particular, the Republican has gone negative. During the week of Sept 28 through Oct. 4, “nearly 100 percent of the McCain campaign’s advertisements were negative,” the Wisconsin Advertising Project at the University of Wisconsin reports today. “During the same period, 34 percent of the Obama campaign’s ads were negative.” (Chicago Tribune)

Maybe The Maverick has good reason for all of this. A study at the University of Ohio found that:

Negative political advertising would be effective with lower income level people. They perceived negative political advertising as more informative and more believable and had more positive attitudes toward the sponsor than higher income level people.

So will this work? Can The Maverick erase Obama’s lead (as much as 11 points in some national polls)? Time will tell, but for now we have the always timely Lewis Black to put it all into perspective:

Stop and Check out this Excellent Stop Motion Video


People naturally gravitate towards things that are excellent in quality or provide an excellent value. On the web, where free content is king, you have to be good to get noticed. And that’s exactly what this video is, good frickin’ awesome. Amazing stop motion work from Carlos Lascano that is not only beautiful to watch, but also emotionally compelling. As we’ve said before, connecting on an emotional level is the hardest thing to do. Music by the awe inspiring Sigur Ros (song: Hoppipolla) whom I recently had the opportunity to see in concert. Just a perfect combination for this piece. See the behind the scenes shots on how all of this was done stop motion style (yes, everything) at Carlos’ site. Take a look:

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

Simple is Hard


Every commercial / film / video worth its weight in pixels tries to make an emotional “connection” with those who view it.

Few do though.

Why is it so hard? That’s the $64,000 question.

I think sometimes people just try too hard. They try to get inside the head of their subject and overthink the problem. It’s easy to get caught up in all the facts you’re trying to get across or the cool new equipment the director wants to try out or the awesome effects the editor wants to apply in post.

Sometimes the hardest part is keeping it simple.

That’s what this Nike Football (silly Americans, not that kind of football) ad does so well. It keeps it simple. Want to get inside a player’s head? Act as if the camera was the players head. Give the audience a front row seat in the player’s head, literally. Of course, having Guy Ritchie direct the spot also helps to make it great, but with a concept this simple and brilliant even I could make a kick-ass spot. Ok, maybe not me, but I bet the guys over at Reel Motion Video could.

Tour de Fat Day 2008


The funereal of a part of car culture today. Five-7,000 bicyclists gettin’ freaky on dressed up bikes, parading through town, blocking up traffic with the help of the local police. Really a cross between a critical mass rally and Halloween, the New Belgium sponsored Tour de Fat reminds us to ride our bikes when we can. And they say yes we can, in gospel stlyle choruses and the funereal procession of the proverbial Escalade life led by a dark and soulful marching band. Clank below to check out the Fort Collins version ’08.

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