Still Don’t Believe in the Power of Social Media?


If you’re still a non-believer please take a few moments out of your day to watch this video and see how your company can truly benefit from social media.

Looking for an instant campaign?


The folks down at Gringo in Brazil created the site Campanha Instantanea to let you take control of your digital ad budget and see what you can get for your money.


Best part about it? It’s a great example of digital itself: it’s engaging, fun, and you want to pass it on to friends. Nice work, Gringo.

Real? Fake? Does it matter?


Whether this is real or fake is up for debate, but the real question is: is it of value to Bud Light either way? What do you think?

(via Denver Egotist)

Twitter: The difference between listening and talking


When you think about Twitter as a way to talk it seems kinda boring. I mean, how many cool things does one person have to say before it reverts to the old “What I had for breakfast” stuff.

When you think about Twitter as a way to listen it’s anything but boring. Go ahead, pick a topic and plug it in to a Twitter Search. See the real-time results? See the trending topics?

Now let’s take it a step further: listening and responding. Here’s what PF Chang’s did:

What will your company do to amaze its customers today?

The Greatest Story Ever Told…


…about twitter. Or about the next new service that disrupts our lives and connects people in new ways. In any case it’s well worth a read over at Boards.

Why are you still reading this? You should be over at Boards reading the story written by Barbarian Group co-founder Rick Webb .

Still not convinced, how about this exerpt:

“Dude.” (Did people say dude back then?) The young Turk planner (did they have planners back then?) states his case: “These people are calling us whether we want them to or not. They have something to say. We need to listen. And preferably, we should say something back. There’s this whole new vibrant world of communications. And yeah, a bunch of it isn’t really about brands, but… get this: people actually talk about our products on the thing as well. And sometimes… they just call us up to tell us something about our product. Something that before we’d have to pay hundreds of dollars to learn in one of those new-fangled ‘focus groups.’”

Living in the age of the Twitpocalypse


We live in strange and turbulent times.

At around 5pm EDT on Friday the unique number that identifies each and every status update on Twitter hit the number 2,147,483,647. Big deal, right? Except that number is the limit of a signed integer and so that means that potentially many third party twitter apps-the way most people interact with the service-could fail as they begin to interpret the number as negative thrusting us into the Twitpocalypse.

But take a look around. Stoplights are still working. Planes are not falling from the sky. Your toasteroven, well, it’s still broken. But the point is that almost nothing happened. Twitter called all-hands-on-deck with its developers Friday evening just in case killer robots rose up from the earth and began taking over major cities but nothing quite that dramatic happened (much to Michael Bay’s dismay.) Instead, a few twitter iphone apps failed for a while but that could have just as easily been chalked up to Steve Jobs having a cold. In the end, twitter will keep on rolling.

Which brings me to a very similar, although much less publicized event, the Blogpocalypse. You see, much like the Twitpocalypse, the Blogpocalypse occured when several robots, programmed for human destruction, showed up at the doors of the Reel Motion Media office. In exchange for our lives they demanded a new Reel Motion website be built. Luckily, we were prepared for just such an event and went live with our new site. The robots were impressed and they appeared ready to leave. On their way out the door they unleased one final assualt… WordPress Spam! Hundreds of male enhancement peddling spammers descinded upon the blog. An epic battle was fought between good and evil. And good prevailed, sans enhancement.

In a nutshell, that’s what happen over the past month or so. The bottom line is, we’re back and stronger than ever. Stay tuned for the future of marketing and video communications. The robots gave us a glimpse into our future and our future is now.

What do you want to see here?


Sometimes you forget to shut up and listen. So on that note, what would you like to see on this blog? Do you have a topic you’d like us to focus on more? Or less? This space is pretty worthless without you, the reader. So thank you for reading and please let us pay you back by giving you what you want.

Leave you suggestions in the comments or hit us up directly at blogtron5000 [at]

CoTweet means Business on Twitter


Twitter is a great tool for businesses looking to communicate with their customers, but it’s not always the most user friendly for the people behind the brand. That’s where CoTweet comes in.

CoTweet sharing a twitter account amongst multiple users dead-simple. This is important because for a business to effectively use twitter it’s often important to have multiple departments and people working together.

You can see a more in-depth review of CoTweet here, but here’s some of the highlights for us:

  • Assign tweets to users – Got a question you don’t know? Assign it to someone who does and they receive a notice to answer the tweet
  • Integrated – Shortens urls and tracks clicks so you can see who’s really paying attention to what you’re saying
  • Tweet Dashboard – Keeps all @replies and DMs in an “inbox” style system so you never miss a message from a follower
  • Conversation Tracking – Shows all conversations your account has had with a user so you have the background info at your fingertips to better serve them
  • On Duty – When a user is “on duty” they receive messages at set intervals alerting them of any new tweets.

The biggest downside is that CoTweet is still in a closed beta, for now. But don’t let that discourage you. We got an invitation within a few days of asking for one and even if you don’t get one, it won’t be closed for long by my guess.

Flutter, Twitter, Stephen Colbert


Talk about keywords. Check out the next most amazing totally awesome service, flutter:

And Colbert using Twitter while interviewing Twitter co-founder Biz Stone:

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Biz Stone
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Blogging Through History


A look at blogging through history:

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