Wish for Wheels Gives Dreams a New Set of Wheels


Every year, Wish for Wheels gives brand new bikes and helmets to underprivileged kindergartners in Denver area schools. This year, Reel Motion Media teamed up with Ad2 Denver to help capture the feeling of getting your very first bike. Here’s what happened:

Wish for Wheels was Ad2 Denver’s choice for their public service campaign this year. They developed a fully integrated campaign to help further advance Wish for Wheels’ cause in Colorado and Reel Motion Media was proud to donate their time and services to create this video. As the video mentions, every volunteer and donor helps Wish for Wheels meet its goals. So take the time to learn more about their cause and donate.

Delivering clean technology to Peru’s poorest people


Imagine lighting your entire home with a single kerosene lantern or cooking dinner on a campfire in your kitchen. Amazingly, over half the people in the world do not have access to safe, healthy, and affordable products to meet their basic needs for these simple tasks. As a result, billions of people suffer from preventable illnesses, deplorable living conditions, and energy poverty. There are however hundreds of affordable products that can safely meet people’s daily needs, save them money, and conserve the environment. This six minute documentary reveals the daily struggles of indigenous Peruvians and shows how one social business, PowerMundo LLC, is working to connect impoverished people to a network of sustainable resources. PowerMundo is a mission based business whose goal is to use clean technology to improve people’s lives, create new jobs, and conserve natural resources.


  • The Seers – Live in Oldtown Fort Collins
  • South Diamond – October Blower
  • Mosey West – Live at Hodi’s Halfnote


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