We recently had the pleasure of shooing a live performance with the up-and-coming blue grass band Blue Grama. We decided to meet at Spring Kite Farm a CSA in Fort Collins, CO run by Michael Baute, the band’s banjo player. It was a beautiful setting for some nice Colorado pickin’. After the shoot we sat down and asked the band a few questions over beers, see their answers after the video.

Where and when did Blue Grama form and where are you now in relation to this beginning?

Blue Grama was founded by front-couple Sam and Katie Meunier after travelling back from Alaska in a veggie-oil powered bus. The group has had a few different configurations over the past 5 years but has settled into it’s current configuration happily. The band has come from playing in living rooms and back-yard parties all the way to traveling nationally and performing alongside great groups like Pert Near Sandstone, Shook Twins, Henhouse Prowlers, Oakhurst, and that Damn Sasquatch. We love going to festivals are looking forward to recording another album at Swing Finger’s Studio right here in Fort Collins.

OK I get it, Blue Grama is like blue grass but is there anything else to the name?

Blue Grama is not only a cool long-grass that turns bluish-purple in the fall, but is the official state grass of Colorado! It grows naturally throughout our state and also represents our passion for nature and sustainable living in our home-town and throughout the country.

There are two couples in the group – how does that affect the dynamics in the band?

We are just like one big happy family. We love hanging out and pickin’ together and with our other musician friends. Just like any family, we have our quirks, but overall it just brings us closer together.

How would you describe your live shows?

It really depends on the show! We tend to play to the vibe of our audience… if the venue is intimate with a small audience, we enjoy connecting on that transient almost spiritual level, really telling our story. On the other hand, if the audience is rowdy, it gets us super amped up and we go into full on party mode! Music is a collective experience that we share with our fans, and the way the listeners are connecting with us influences our experience in a big way.

Who/what are your main influences in your song writing?

Sam and Baute are our main song writers in the band. I would say writing is influenced by contemporary bluegrass greats like The Steeldrivers, 23 String Band, and Sam Bush. More importantly, we always pay tribute to those that paved the way for the modern sound, like Old and in the Way, Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys, and of course the great Hank Williams.

Describe the sound of your most recent album.

Eclectic acoustic bluegrass music with heart and plenty of variety.

Tell us about the craziest experience you’ve had together as a band.

Ha, I don’t know if we can disclose that information… no, really, its just hard to narrow it down to just one experience. Our whole journey as a band is constantly evolving and something wild happens just about every time we go on the road together.

How do you see blue grass music evolving in the future and how do you plan on adapting?

The future is NOW for us, and we are just playing the music we enjoy making together. True bluegrass will never fully change from the core of it’s being, but we enjoy exploring the evolution of sub-genres like funk-grass, jazz-grass, and any other type of folk-fusion. Overall we try to avoid slapping a label on our sound, because it is just too much fun expiramenting with different sounds.

What’s on the horizon for the band?

After a big festival season, we will be laying low for part of the winter and spring and enjoying family and friends. That also means lots of band jams and new material to be worked on, as well as possibly getting back into the studio before our next national tour.

Anything else you want your fans to know about you?

We love connecting with fans! Please hit us up on facebook and stay in the loop on local shows. We also end up hosting jam sessions now and then, so drop us a line if you want to play together.

If you’re looking for more info on the band please visit their site: www.bluegramabluegrass.com

To learn more about Spring Kite Farms check out their site here: www.springkitefarms.com