Ken Block – Gymkhana Five – San Francisco


I got no deep philosophical comments on this one, this is just pure unadulterated awesome.  Distilled a few times and let loose on San Francisco.  Watch it a second time though and try to spot other cars.  Or people for that matter.  How in the world did they manage to keep people off the streets and not spectate?  And come to think of it, how in the world did they manage to shut down sections of the city for a video shoot.  The logistics of this video shoot are just as impressive as the driving.  Who wants to go shoot Gymkhana six in Denver?

A Converstaion with my 12 Year Old Self


I found this video interesting because of the amount of foresight it must have taken.  I mean to hold onto an idea like this for so long really is commitment.  I almost just forgot what I was writing about during this sentence, let alone 20 years.  I keep trying to figure out if maybe it was just edited really well to make it look like he wanted to have a future conversation with himself.  It’s kind of dark with all the empty Jamison bottles in the background but also somewhat light hearted with that youthful presence.  The WeepingProphet, as he calls himself, has a bunch of other video edits on YouTube if you feel like going down the dark rabbit hole that is his YouTube Life.

Silver & Light Photography


This video starts out apparently very dark but thanks to some clever editing and story telling ends so beautifully.  A must watch for anyone in need of some inspiration.  “Life grants us a series of opportunities… and those opportunities come with a price.”  Such a great way to think about it.  Go all in or don’t go at all.

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter / Alchemist on Vimeo.

29 Ways to Stay Creative


Here at Reel Motion we can relate.  It can be draining on ones self to be consistently creative on a schedule.  Web design sometimes just doesn’t get flowing.  Video editing becomes a daunting struggle.  However, there is always a way around it.  I’m pretty sure we’ve tried all 29 of these ideas, some better than others.  I really stand by tips number 11, 15, 20, 22 and 28.  Try it for yourself, they work.  I’m going to toss in a few while we’re here: 30) Be true to yourself 31) Say what your thinking even if it’s hard 32) Be Humble 33) Go do something else and let your subconscious deal with it for a while.

Bed Intruder Song


I think we’re a little late to the party with this one, but saw this today and can’t stop watching it.

Original Clip:

…and now auto-tuned, enjoy:

Just goes to show how some clever video editing can really change the whole situation.  We deal with this a lot (well not auto tuning) but it’s always interesting to take hours and hours of interviews and then to widdle them down into a super articulate few sentences that are pure gold.  After seeing this however, I’m thinking we should invest in some auto tune software.  Ha!

Places Other People Have Lived


Producing mixed media content can always be a little tricky.  It really takes a clear vision and good execution.  This is a beautiful mixed-media documentary that deconstructs the relationships which play out in a family’s home for over 25 years.  It sure would be interesting to take this idea and apply it to a larger setting, say Fort Collins.  Tons of history surrounds us here in Northern Colorado.



Our hearts sank a little bit this morning when we read the news that the ‘BEASTIE BOYS’ MCA recently died at age 47. As children of the 80’s we grew up listening to License to Ill, Paul’s Boutique, and all the other classic Beastie’s albums. RIP MCA.

Here’s the Beatie’s most recent music video for the song “Make Some Noise”– and it stars a laundry list of A-listers.

Each Moment is the Universe


We stumbled across this gem yesterday on Vimeo. If you have 8 minutes to spare this is well worth it.  Beautiful video production and editing.  Remember to realize your passions and hold onto your dreams.  Life has a funny way of passing by if your not careful.

Caine’s Arcade


This just makes us smile!

The greatest achievement in MLB history.