Real? Fake? Does it matter?


Whether this is real or fake is up for debate, but the real question is: is it of value to Bud Light either way? What do you think?

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Twitter: The difference between listening and talking


When you think about Twitter as a way to talk it seems kinda boring. I mean, how many cool things does one person have to say before it reverts to the old “What I had for breakfast” stuff.

When you think about Twitter as a way to listen it’s anything but boring. Go ahead, pick a topic and plug it in to a Twitter Search. See the real-time results? See the trending topics?

Now let’s take it a step further: listening and responding. Here’s what PF Chang’s did:

What will your company do to amaze its customers today?

The rules of customer service have changed


For a long time, many business owners have operated with the mindset that one angry customer is no big deal. Even if they toss the old “I’m telling everyone I know about this.” at you you still figured, really, how many people can one person know?

The rules have changed.

No longer is any one customer “just one angry customer.” In today’s “everyone has a voice” hyper-connected age, one angry customer quickly turns into 1.5 million views on youtube and a lot of national press. Don’t believe me? Just ask United. The airline broke Dave Carroll’s guitar during his band’s trip to Nebraska then refused to pay to replace it. After wrangling with all of United’s minions who were set to impede rather than help the customer, Dave did what any musician would do: he made a music video.

After this broke to national attention and 1.3 million views in two days, United offered to pay Dave for the guitar. He refused, offering this rebuttal and continuing with his plans to make two more songs about his United experience.

So next time you’re tempted to make a customer jump through hoops just to get the sort of service that should be standard think twice. Do you want someone like Dave Carroll singing about your failures or singing your praises? Remember that it’s a two-way street and an amazingly good story can take off like this too. Unfortunately with the state of American business it’s stories like Dave’s we most often see.

HP Musical Printing Ad


This is a student done ad for HP printers. Pretty nice.

HP – invent from Tom and Matt on Vimeo.

Phillips Cinema Carousel – Cannes Grand Prix Winner and a Freakin’ Masterpiece


Winner of the Cannes Grand Prix for TV is quite an honor. Especially when the winner is more of a website than a TV commercial. Immerse yourself in the experience of director Adam Berg’s Phillips Cinema “Carousel” spot below or got to to get the full interactive experience.